Humble beginnings

Humble beginnings

Kickcycle was founded in 2019 to help shape the sneaker and basketball culture in Australia. Our aim is and always will be to not just connect the sneaker culture with the basketball culture but to ensure its availability to everyone. 


We've prided ourselves on ensuring we have the best quality of sneaker care product in the market with competitive prices and delivery times so ensure complete customer satisfaction throughout the process. We thank all our customers and supporters whether new or been there from the beginning, none of this would be possible. Our goals moving forward Is to continue revolutionising the cultures and to bridge racial and economic gaps to create an environment we can all enjoy whether you're on the streets with fresh kicks on or on the basketball court. So show some love by coming through to any events we have and emerge yourself in the culture.


Can't wait to see what the future brings.



For all those who ask what does kickcycle means we'll break it down:

It's improving kicks life cycle 

Hence kickcycle.